About Jeremy


Growing up, Jeremy Barbera had a passionate for Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street band, and he would do just about anything to watch them perform. In fact, one night as a teenager he snuck into The Bottom Line in New York’s Greenwich Village to watch his favorite band perform. Years late, Jeremy founded his company, MSGI, which lead to a great number of connections in the industries.  This is where he was introduced to Chris Blackwell, who launched the careers of Bob Marley, U2 and countless other artists. Jeremy Barbera spent years working with Sony Music, Walt Disney Company, Viacom and many of the largest entertainment venues in the world.

Contemporary rock music is not the only form of entertainment that intrigues Jeremy.  He is a major supporter of the Opera, the Ballet and other fine arts. Jeremy has been a fan of live theater since his earliest days. His favorite musicals are A Chorus Line and of course West Side Story, as it was reflective of his own upbringing in Lower Manhattan. He spoke about the relationship between himself and the narrative, “Every time I would watch this, I would imagine myself as the main character since it portrayed my life so closely growing up in the Italian/Puerto Rican section of lower Manhattan.” Besides loving West Side Story, Jeremy Barbera has also seen Cabaret multiple times, and has spent much of his adult life working with the New York Philharmonic and New York City Ballet.

In addition to opera, dance and theater, he greatly appreciates art and is an avid collector. He has visited the Louvre in France, the British Museum, and countless others across Europe. Throughout his life his love for art and theater proved to be strong catalyst in his world travels. His appreciation for the arts has been apparent throughout his life due to both his professional involvement, as well as his personal commitment to see firsthand the artistic masterpieces of the world. Within America, he considers Chicago to be one of the best places to appreciate the arts. He loves the Art institute of Chicago, and believes the Windy City to boast the best orchestra in the nation. “When the Chicago Symphony Orchestra plays, the atmosphere and energy they unleash is incomparable.”

This experiences in the past have shaped Jeremy into the arts enthusiast he is today, while he has had great experiences in the past his plans are to continue to grow in the industry. He hopes to continue to travel and soak in all the art around the globe.

Jeremy Barbera currently resides in New York City where he serves as the Chairman and CEO of Nanobeak.