The Museums of Spain

Spain, a country of vibrant history and natural beauty, draws thousands of tourists looking to experience a piece of its storied culture. With countless landmarks to visit, how can you best submerge yourself in Spain’s culture and art? Visiting one of Spain’s many fantastic museums can be the best way to dive into its rich history, but which do you choose? Below are outlined some of the best locations for you to wander through decades of Spain’s contributions to the world.

museu-picasso-704x300Few artists carry the gravitas of Picasso, and his namesake is carried on at the Museu Picasso of Barcelona. Spending his early years in the famed city, Picasso donated over 2,500 paintings, drawings, and engravings to this museum. With pieces organized in chronological order, you can start at his early works, stop at his personal notebooks, and continue to his experimental stages. An art lovers dream, this museum is sure to be a day-trip for the Picasso aficionado.

Do your artistic tastes border the eccentric? The Teatre Museu Dali showcases the mad-artist, Salvador Dali like no other. Known for various absurdist pieces like Lobster Telephone and The Persistence of Memory, this museum carries on his artistic spirit long after his passing. However, it’s important to remember that while this testament to the devious brilliance of Dali is alluring, his love for theater is carried throughout its halls. Tour guides often offering “false information” in the vein of the famed creator, this museum would make Mr. Dali quite happy.

Founded in October 1976, the Museo Wolf Vostell is a testament to the artist whom it’s dedicated. Vostell, an internationally appreciated artist, is considered by many to be one of the earliest adopters of Video art. Utilizing television sets in several of his compositions, Vostell’s mastery of techniques like blurring and de-collage brought a unique spin to his post-war work. With some of his most famous installations lining their halls, the Museo Vostell is an excellent place for those seeking a new perspective on art.

Museums allow us the rare opportunity to mingle with the past. An entire body of work, years in the making, can be explored and appreciated in a handful of hours. Spain’s rich history of art and culture, all laid out in neat halls like passages through time. With so much of Spain’s beauty existing in the present, be sure not to overlook the vast wealth of riches preserved from its past.